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Over the next 12 weeks, this blog will focus in on the many parts of purchasing a home. We know that purchasing a home—whether it be your first or your fifteenth—can be stressful and confusing.

But it doesn’t have to be! We help people buy homes all the time! These 11 blog posts explore and explain the typical roadmap to purchasing a home. Some steps are more cumbersome than others, but if you know what to expect you won’t be taken off guard if (and when!) complications arise!

First off, we’ll talk about getting pre-approved.

Before you even start the home search, we suggest you get a pre-approval letter from your lender. The pre-approval letter basically says that your lender (the financial institution that will loan you the money for your

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Current Market Recap

Hall County’s Year over Year Statistics

Average Sales Price: $284,428

Average Days on Market: 61

Active Listings: 865

Number of Homes Sold: 2,495

Average sale price is up by 3.8% ($10,808), average days on market is up by 11.4%, the number of active listings slightly increased from 864 to 865 (only 0.12%), and number of sold homes increased by 1.6% (40 homes). The market is looking stable. We are still in a seller's market, but the winds of change are picking up speed. Home appreciation continues to increase. Georgia home values are expected to increase by as much as 4.9% by next year (after they appreciated as much as 8.23% statewide over last year).


Georgia has more to offer than delicious peaches,

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Because providing compelling and comprehensive content is the main goal of this blog, we're looking to change things up a little. Instead of posting here every two weeks, we'll post weekly with information that's relevant to everyone who comes to our site, not just those of you who're looking to buy or sell. 


Each month, you can expect a range of content covering several aspects of the business we're in. Market reports will include hyper-local statistics for the real estate metrics that matter most to you. Upcoming events posts will keep you busy year-round. Agent and collaborator spotlights will acquaint you with the humans who make the wheels turn here at The Bell Team. And that's just the tip of the iceberg! 


Is there info that you

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If you're a college graduate, a newlywed, or even if you're a recent retiree, you may be looking to purchase your first home. Maybe you're just tired of paying rent! A lot of buyers are intimidated by the home buying process--even those who have purchased and sold a home before! Are these questions swirling around your head? 

  • What can I afford? 
  • What kind of city do I want to live in? 
  • How do I get preapproved? 
  • How do I find a reputable lender? 
  • How do I find a real estate agent that will put my needs first? 
  • Will my home ACTUALLY appreciate over time? 

These questions and more will be answered at our First Time Home Buyer Seminar. Homestar's Candice Crook will be leading an informational session where she'll cover the ins

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It's time to meet one of our team's newest Buyer Specialists, Isaac Cruz! This young man has big plans for himself and his family, whether it's here or in Mexico. Isaac is a self-starter guaranteed to win anyone over with his shining personalty and charisma.


Isaac has been with The Bell Team since September 2018. He started as an Inside Sales Agent connecting with our local community over the phone and supporting our agents "in the field." For seven months, Isaac was our "guy in the chair" and did a great job telling people about the work we do as well as keeping in contact with our past clients!

His ambition didn't end there! Isaac earned his real estate license in April 2019 and became a Buyer Specialist. Coming from the automobile

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Renting, on the surface, might seem like a dream. However, when you look into home ownership, the decision to make the leap becomes the best option by a mile.

For instance, are you aware that Braselton’s average monthly rent is higher than its average mortgage payment?

Yep, that includes all home insurance, HOA feeds, and all the other nickels and dimes that can add up.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be! In Georgia, the average rental price increased by 2.5% compared to last year. Compare that with the national home appreciation rate of around 4%.

These two numbers—2.5 and 4—boil down to one big takeaway: purchasing a home is the best investment you can make. No matter how much you pay in rent every month, your living space is always owned by

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Summertime is just around the corner, so here are five tips to keep your property clean, safe, and cost effective during the summer heat:


Summertime is a great time to air out the home, clean under the furniture, and clear out anything you can. Consider holding a yard sale for anything you don't need, but someone else may. If you want to skip the hassle of a yard sale, consider donating to Habitat for Humanity's ReStore.

Take a Look at Your Porch

Give your porch a once-over. Wintertime sometimes causes loose nails, rotten boards, and might need to be resealed. It also keeps your deck looking great!

Safety First

Check outdoor play equipment - jungle gyms, tire swings, and even bikes that you store outside are prone to rust and

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Higher Grounds, one of Braselton's best coffee houses, recently announced that they are now offering Saturday brunch. Here's why we're so excited about it.

Higher Grounds has Great Coffee

You’ll be sure to find a roast you enjoy. No matter your preference—from traditional brews to nitro coffee—they’ve got you covered. There are few things more relaxing than a warm cup on a cool morning while the birds chirp and you can finally take a load off.

Brunch is Good for the Soul

Breakfast marries the best parts of breakfast and lunch. On the one hand, you get to eat breakfast food and all the carbs, salt, and fat that implies. On the other hand, it's late enough in the day that you can meet up with your brunchmates without having to wake up super

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We hope you have been enjoying the redesign of our website! This site’s mission from the very beginning has been provide our clients with useful tools so they can make the best decision possible. To that end, we have been working on building up our site to be the most helpful it can be.

So, whether you are actively searching for a home, are simply taking a look around, or just want to know more about Hall and the surrounding counties, make yourself at home!

This week we would like to highlight the work we’ve done to develop our community pages. When you search for a home, you’re also shopping for a community that will be entertaining, provide opportunity, and keep your family safe. Luckily for us, Georgia is home to some of the best the country

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15 words to know


When you're buying and selling a home, it can feel like your realtor is speaking an alien language. No one likes being in the dark!

With us, education is the name of the game. Our agents know their stuff and will explain each step of the buying and selling process to you. Until you can meet with them, however, here is a tidy list of the 15 most important terms every buyer, seller, and eventual homeowner should know:


Buyer’s Agent

 A realtor who specializes in purchasing homes on behalf of the soon-to-be-homeowner. Buyer’s agents are generally paid commission from the home seller, and we've got three awesome buyers agents on our team.

Listing Agent

A realtor who specializes in selling homes on behalf of the homeowner. Listing

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