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Get your coffee fix at these Buford coffee shops that also serve as offices, meeting places and escapes from the daily “grind”.

1.    West Main Gate – Sip special gourmet coffee and check out the 25 vendor booths selling unique merchandise. It has also become a hot destination for live music on Saturday nights.

2.    Antoinette’s Cafe – This café serves coffee from “Beanology”, an award winning roaster based out of Atlanta. They also serve healthy ingredients and offer vegan and vegetarian option dishes for BLD (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner).

3.    The Bean Tap – This coffee house serves local, fresh roasted coffee every week. The Spicy Latte and the Lavender Latter are a must have. They also serve homemade pastries and lunch dishes.


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Mountain views and lakeside living. The Gardens at Gainesville, is an exceptional residential community in North Georgia, thus has the best of many worlds.

With grandiose mountain vistas, luxurious lakeside living and easy access to the city, the community of Gainesville is almost too good to be true. No wonder Gainesville is not only one of the nation's best places to live, but also a great area to pursue an intensely vibrant, active lifestyle!

The Gardens are one of the myriad features of Gainesville. It’s a residential community with only 36 lots and it’s seen as a cherished nature inside the city because of the profound greenery that surround it. 

One of the exceptional amenities offered by The Gardens is the walking trail. It’s designed

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First, you buy a house, then you buy the pets.It’s extremely common to bring furry friends into your lives after purchasing. Pet-friendly smart home devices are very helpful nowadays. Check out these 5 smart home devices for your fur babies:

Automated Pet Doors 

These are good for dogs and cats that spend a lot of time outside your home. It lets your pets 

come and go as they want, so you’re not obligated to frequently open and close your doors. 


Smart Collars

Keep track of your pets with smart collars. Usually these collars are durable, waterproof and 

flexible, giving you the ability to track your pet in real-time with an app. These apps monitor your pets health and safety - for instance, the owner will be alerted if the

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The Bell Team is recognized as premier Keller William Agents, and our goal is to provide our clients with the best real estate experience possible. Our industry experience and expertise has helped us compile some tips, tricks, and secrets for homebuyers. 

1.       Buying Secret #1: Be aware of the popular selling/buying months for your area.

The best time to buy real estate in North Georgia is typically January through March. Average home price and time on the market are both factors that make this period a prime time to purchase a home. 

Bell Team Tip! 

  • The length of time a home has been on the market is a huge negotiating factor. Usually the longer the house has been on the market, the more likely the owner is willing to negotiate

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There are many fun things to do in Braselton, GA! Whether you’re looking for a relaxing experience, or something a little more fun, Braselton has it all! 


Here are some of our favorites in the Braselton area:

  1. Get your creative juices flowing at the Masterpiece Mixers Paint and Mixers Studio. From beginners to experts, all artists are invited to create their masterpiece with a session at the studio. Create a work of art that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Here’s the address: 7435 Spout Springs Rd
    Braselton, GA 

  1. Check out Meeple Madness if you’re into tabletop games. This location features ten full-sized tables for miniature wargames, as well as several smaller tables for card games and board games. A Retail section is also

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4 Ways To Improve your Curb Appeal

This guide will help give your home an  exterior makeover making it attractive to buyers without breaking the bank!


  1. Wash or Repaint Your Home’s Exterior

Washing the exterior is a very cost-effective way to swiftly increase curb appeal. Since this will remove dust and dirt accumulated through the years, the results will make your home look newer and more attractive. Repainting the exterior is the first step to making your home look better. Choose a color that relaxes the mind. Unarguably, white or light gray is a good choice.


  1. Keep A Well-Manicured Lawn

Adding ground cover on your lawn like pine straw or mulch is a low-cost and easy way to instantly increase your curb appeal. You may want to do it the day

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title card of georgia's must see autumn tourist destinations

Those new to Georgia (and even those of us who have lived here for years), may not be familiar with what exactly Georgia offers in the way of tourism.

From the southern marsh to the middle Georgia farmland to the astonishing mountaintops on the northern border, there is no shortage of stunning scenery. As we enter into the fall season, now’s your chance to see Georgia’s landscape at its most magnificent. These are Georgia's must-see fall destinations.


North Georgia

Georgia’s mountains are magnificent year-round, but watching the leaves change from the summit of Mount Yonah is something that every Georgian should experience.

There are several intermediate and beginner hiking trails, so no one has to miss out on the fun. For those

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The appeal of new construction may seem obvious at first--who wouldn’t want to be the first to live in a new home? Where else will you find that pristine feeling that only comes with fresh paint, spotless floors, and walls with nary a finger print on them?

While the benefits may seem obvious, there is more to new construction than meets the eye. Read on for more reasons to consider purchasing a new construction for your next move.

Reasons to Purchase New Construction

  • NO SCARY SURPRISES Moving into a resale home always comes with an element of the unknown. Even if you got a home inspection, people make mistakes, and some issues don’t manifest until it’s too late.
  • THAT NEW HOME FEEL Taking those first steps into your new home after
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Imagine this: You’re ready to sell your home. Maybe your youngest just moved out for college, a great new school opened a couple counties over, or you simply need more space for your dog. You’re pre-approved and already have your eye on the perfect new home. Think you’re all set?

Think again! Pricing your home is the key factor in making sure that home gets sold. Choosing the right price could make or break your move, so here are the major factors that influence how a home gets priced.

Taking Control

There are a lot of factors in your home selling process that you don’t have control over. These include competition, whether we’re in a buyer or seller market, interest rates, and when the right buyer finds your home.

Price is one factor

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Over the next 12 weeks, this blog will focus in on the many parts of purchasing a home. We know that purchasing a home—whether it be your first or your fifteenth—can be stressful and confusing.

But it doesn’t have to be! We help people buy homes all the time! This series explores and explains the typical roadmap to purchasing a home. Some steps are more cumbersome than others, but if you know what to expect you won’t be taken off guard if (and when!) complications arise!

In this series we’ve covered a bird’s eye view of just about everything you need to know when you’re ready to purchase a home. From pre-approval to the home search process to the complications of closing, we hope that you feel more comfortable in your purchase despite how

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