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Mosquitos are one of the dreaded parts of summer. Living in the south, the humidity coupled with warm temperatures makes it an ideal breeding ground for these pesky bugs. Thankfully, there are some simple tips homeowners can heed to keep mosquitos away from your yard.

Eliminate standing water. Even a few tablespoons of water are enough room for mosquitos to breed. Drain any water that is collecting in low spots in the ground, in flower pots or unused places around the yard. Be sure to check gutters and drains. Replenish bird baths or pet bowls with fresh water regularly.

Keep your grass short. Mosquitos prefer longer grass, probably due to the shade and protection it provides. By keeping your lawn mowed regularly, you can reduce the number of

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There are plenty of reasons we love North Georgia, and the abundance of hiking trails is undoubtedly one of them. There’s truly something for everyone – waterfalls, overlooks, walking trails and bubbling streams. While you could spend years exploring all the trails across North Georgia, here are three “must-try” hikes that we recommend.


Raven Cliff Falls Trail takes hikers through a valley full of waterfalls and boasts one of the most unique waterfalls in the state. In addition to plunging waterfalls, hikers are sure to enjoy beautiful wildflowers, towering cliffs, lush forest and a bubbling trout stream. 

Trail Length: 4.9 Miles

Trail Difficulty Level: Moderate


Lower Conasauga River Trail intersects hikers with countless rivers,

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and now is the time to finalize your gift ideas for mom. Whether your mom has some favorite hobbies or is the one who has everything, we wanted to offer some creative gift ideas to consider this spring.

Mini Floral Vases

Bouquets of flowers are popular around Mother’s Day, so why not give her a gift that allows her to enjoy her flowers in multiple rooms? Mini vases are the perfect accent for bedrooms, bathrooms or the kitchen. Find a set of simple white ones or opt for a bolder color or multi-print vase set, usually available in quantities of 3-5. Their small size, accompanied with a few fresh flower stems, is the perfect way to accent a window ledge or table.

Personalized Tote

Totes come in a

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The housing market is moving inventory quickly! Median days on the market dropped by approximately half in the majority of area cities. Below you will find some key Northeast Georgia cities with a snapshot of statistics from April's real estate market.

The Bell Team will be able to help you navigate the fast-paced flow of the market. Additionally, we average 98% of list price vs. sale price for our clients. 


168 Homes on the Market
28 Homes Sold in April
Median Listing Price: $279,995
Median Days to Sell: 43 


296 Homes on the Market
129 Homes Sold in April
Median Listing Price: $285,095
Median Days to Sell: 19


218 Homes on the Market
71 Homes Sold in April
Median Listing Price: $279,475
Median Days to Sell: 15

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