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Purchasing a new home isn't as simple as clicking a button and voi la you can pack up and move in. Moreover, it's a considerably more involved process with the market as hot as it is right now. We thought you might like some tips to help you make the best home buying decision you can for your needs and circumstances.

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What You Need to Think About Before Starting the Process

Let's talk success! Not having a plan is planning for failure, so we're here to help you plan for home buying success. It's important to know what you and/or your family need. One timesaving tip is to make a list of your needs and wants and rank them.

Connect With a Premier Agent

Working with real estate agents isn't the same experience across the board by far. The right

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How to Get Yourself Ready to Buy Your First Home

Congratulations! You've been thinking about purchasing your first home and you've probably covered what type of home, how many bedrooms and baths, neighborhoods, amenities, even schools. But, have you thought about how much house you can afford?

Step 1: There is a little rule of thumb in the real estate world along with some other factors you need to know and keep in mind when looking at the financial aspect of buying your first home. Let's start here, we suggest that you find a house costing no more than about 2.5 times your gross annual salary (combined if you're double income household). You also need to consider your debt-to-income ratio. This should be under 43% of your monthly income. Your

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Over a hundred years ago, the concept of a picture being worth a thousand words emerged. Noted first in 1911, it holds true today despite the many technological advancements in photography, graphic design, etc. Of course, if you think about this from the perspective of selling your home it's an absolute must that the photos of your house share its true value without words.

Here's a side-by-side of for sale photographs we see all too often in the industry (as provided by badmlsphotos.com) vs. professional pictures we take to sell our clients' homes.

Bad Listing Photos

The street and trees in front of the house are included in this exterior shot of the home, which doesn't entice buyers to want to see more photos. Let's see that curb appeal! Now, look at the interior

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We hope you enjoyed our presentation of Hall County in our last Fun Facts blog post. Here's a ton of neat info. about living and working in Jackson County, GA. Let's go through some stats first, and then we'll finish up with a few awesome places to go to enjoy all the wonders of nature.

  • Cost of living is one of the most important factors when deciding where to live. Right now, Jackson County's cost of living is 2.40% lower than the US average. In this current seller's market, buying a home where overall living is actually affordable is huge.
  • In fact, the median cost of a home in Jackson County at this time is about $231,000. Keep in mind too, that home appreciation over the last 10 years has been 10.82%. This certainly speaks to the affordability
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Trey loves the Chestnut Mountain community where he and his family reside. He says it’s “close-knit” and he “loves building amazing relationships there." And everywhere, we suspect.

In 2014, Trey joined his mother Rhonda in establishing The Bell Team. Since then, the team has grown to 13 agents, admins, and support staff. In addition, Trey recently purchased the KW market center in Conyers & Lake Oconee and acts as operating partner for that office.

To Trey, family is important for a variety of reasons. Since 1959, the Bells have been working in construction and housing, making Trey part of the fourth generation to continue that legacy. While working with his father during his youth, Trey learned value and work ethic that would carry him through

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