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It's time to meet one of our team's newest Buyer Specialists, Isaac Cruz! This young man has big plans for himself and his family, whether it's here or in Mexico. Isaac is a self-starter guaranteed to win anyone over with his shining personalty and charisma.


Isaac has been with The Bell Team since September 2018. He started as an Inside Sales Agent connecting with our local community over the phone and supporting our agents "in the field." For seven months, Isaac was our "guy in the chair" and did a great job telling people about the work we do as well as keeping in contact with our past clients!

guy in chair

His ambition didn't end there! Isaac earned his real estate license in April 2019 and became a Buyer Specialist. Coming from the automobile

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Renting, on the surface, might seem like a dream. However, when you look into home ownership, the decision to make the leap becomes the best option by a mile.

For instance, are you aware that Braselton’s average monthly rent is higher than its average mortgage payment?

Yep, that includes all home insurance, HOA feeds, and all the other nickels and dimes that can add up.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be! In Georgia, the average rental price increased by 2.5% compared to last year. Compare that with the national home appreciation rate of around 4%.

These two numbers—2.5 and 4—boil down to one big takeaway: purchasing a home is the best investment you can make. No matter how much you pay in rent every month, your living space is always owned by

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