How to Get Plugged Into Your Community

Posted by The Bell Team - KW on Tuesday, February 5th, 2019 at 10:51am

It’s always worth a look to see how you can become more involved in your community whether you’re new to the area or if you’re looking for new experiences in your old stomping grounds. 

Just down the street you’ll find new friends and experiences! Often there is more to do in a city than you think. So how best to get out, meet people, and see more of the community you live in? Read on! 


Join a running club

Not only will you be treated to beautiful scenery, you’ll be surrounded with a group of supportive people and can socialize while achieving your health goals. You can find groups of all ages and skill levels. All you need is a pair of semi-decent running shoes and breathable clothing and you’re good to go! Run Georgia and Runners Fit (an Asics company) are great places to start looking.


Pursue your hobby

Everyone’s got something they enjoy doing in their free time—watching movies, painting, cooking, pogo sticking, you name it! While hobbies are often set aside as alone time, meeting on a regular basis with people who share the same interests can open you to new ideas and methods you would have never come up with on your own.


Visit local parks

Besides the relaxing scenery, parks often have educational sessions, animal exhibits, nature trails, and can teach you about the history of the land you live on. Thompson Mills and Chicopee Woods are great starting points! Take advantage of the incoming spring weather for picnics and cool night walks. Perfect for families of all sizes or the individual looking for some meditative time with nature.


Get involved in local government

WAIT! DON’T STOP READING!   Attending town meetings might sound like a waste of a perfectly good Tuesday night, but you can do some real good by making your voice heard. Weigh in on important events and projects that will have a bigger impact on your day to day life than national goings-on. Here’s a calendar of when Braselton’s leaders meet.


Get active in a local church

Churches are a great springboard for familiarizing yourself with the local community. A good church body not only builds on itself inwardly through studies and get togethers, but they’ll have an outside community focus as well. If you’re new to Braselton, many of our team members are active at 12Stone and would love to meet you. Check out this page if you're unsure of what to look for.



Find something you’re passionate about—illiteracy, homelessness, hunger, animal rights, politics, even blood donation and disaster relief. There’s a nonprofit group close by that will value the extra hands! Volunteering is a rewarding way to spend weekends and can inspire a sense of generosity to extend through your week. (Consider bringing along your high schooler—those hours can put them ahead in college and job applications)


Breaking routine can keep you fresh and focused on the big picture and will connect you to the people who make up your community. Plus, it can open up new ways for you to grow mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. 


Get out there!


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