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The age old conundrum of should I rent? Or should I buy? It can be a super tough call depending on what's on the market, your personal finances, and so much more. Follow this blog to help you with the decision and keep you on track for your family home dreams.

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If you're a college graduate, a newlywed, or even if you're a recent retiree, you may be looking to purchase your first home. Maybe you're just tired of paying rent! A lot of buyers are intimidated by the home buying process--even those who have purchased and sold a home before! Are these questions swirling around your head? 

  • What can I afford? 
  • What kind of city do I want to live in? 
  • How do I get preapproved? 
  • How do I find a reputable lender? 
  • How do I find a real estate agent that will put my needs first? 
  • Will my home ACTUALLY appreciate over time? 

These questions and more will be answered at our First Time Home Buyer Seminar. Homestar's Candice Crook will be leading an informational session where she'll cover the ins

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Renting, on the surface, might seem like a dream. However, when you look into home ownership, the decision to make the leap becomes the best option by a mile.

For instance, are you aware that Braselton’s average monthly rent is higher than its average mortgage payment?

Yep, that includes all home insurance, HOA feeds, and all the other nickels and dimes that can add up.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be! In Georgia, the average rental price increased by 2.5% compared to last year. Compare that with the national home appreciation rate of around 4%.

These two numbers—2.5 and 4—boil down to one big takeaway: purchasing a home is the best investment you can make. No matter how much you pay in rent every month, your living space is always owned by

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Summertime is just around the corner, so here are five tips to keep your property clean, safe, and cost effective during the summer heat:


Summertime is a great time to air out the home, clean under the furniture, and clear out anything you can. Consider holding a yard sale for anything you don't need, but someone else may. If you want to skip the hassle of a yard sale, consider donating to Habitat for Humanity's ReStore.

Take a Look at Your Porch

Give your porch a once-over. Wintertime sometimes causes loose nails, rotten boards, and might need to be resealed. It also keeps your deck looking great!

Safety First

Check outdoor play equipment - jungle gyms, tire swings, and even bikes that you store outside are prone to rust and

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According to local financial experts, the average the down payment for a home can range anywhere from zero (through USDA, VA, Physicians loans and the CRA First Time Buyer Program) to 10-20%. Every household is different, so before setting out on the home buying process we strongly recommend exploring all of your options. Often, this is best done by partnering with a financial expert to access money that you didn’t know you had.


Keep in mind also that there are a variety of payment sources that can help you quickly achieve your goals, including gifts from relatives (see our post on cash offers for more on that!), IRS and State Tax refunds, loaning against your 401k and even withdrawal from your 401k.


Let’s say you’ve already explored

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REFI's First Time Home Buyer Infographic

If you’re a young person in America right now, you may think it nigh-impossible to buy a home for you or your family. In reality, there’s substantial evidence that first time home buyers are purchasing homes at a relatively young age. Research in the First Time Home Buyers Guide shows that the average age of first time buyers is 32, and 35% of all homes sold are to first time buyers.

However, buying a home is not an easy choice. The process of setting your financials straight may well take over a year, but there are ways to minimize stress in order to make the transition as simple (and pain-free!) as possible. The same goes for non-financial elements as well. 


Buyer Loans

Most first time home buyers do not pay for their property outright

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deliberating money

The question of buying versus renting is a complicated one, and one that depends on a few factors including (but, like always, never limited to) the stage of life you’re in, the market, whether you plan on moving soon, your preference for doing yard work, and a myriad of other specificities that can greatly complicate your decision to buy or rent. But fret not! This post will lay out the basic ins and outs and will give you a bird’s eye view of the road ahead.

Why rent? Renting affords someone greater flexibility, which is perfect if you expect major changes to be coming along that will necessitate an impending change of location. Moving on from a rental property is easy because you can simply move out at the end of your lease, rather than spend

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New Hall County Resident Guide

New to Hall County? We're so glad you've moved in. Even if you haven't moved just yet, you'll find this resource guide super helpful. We're going to cover all the essential information you need to know to help make your move to Hall County as seamless as possible.

Vehicle Registration

We'll start here because there's a process for you whether you're an in or out of state resident. If you've moved to Hall County from another Georgia location, just update your address with the Tax Commissioner's Office.

However, if you're from out of state, you do need to purchase a Georgia tag within 30 days of establishing residency. You can do this at the Hall County Government Center at 2875 Browns Bridge Rd, Gainesville, GA 30504, and you can call in

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Millennial Home Buying Habits

Millennials tend to be a big topic of conversation in every industry because they're the upcoming movers and shakers of the world... and that includes moving and shaking up the real estate industry. There are conclusions flying around out there about Millennials though claiming they have certain home buying habits. So, Millennials, we want to hear from you. What home buying trends match your style?

Let's start with a basic question. Do you want to own a home? Some of the media is fraught with news that Millennials don't want to become homeowners. But, according to research done by the National Association of Realtors' that's not so. In fact, 9 out of 10 people want to buy a home sometime in the future.

What about your home buying process?

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 How to determine your home buying power

Do you know that some states provide a less stressful home buying environment than others? This could be news to you, but Georgia is definitely one of them. 

In some states across the country, home buying power is increasing. Yay! But, what is home buying power? It's a measurement based on several variables which all differ in their importance. These variables include the housing market where you're located (or looking to purchase), your annual income, monthly debt, and credit score, plus your expected down payment.

A home loan advisor can help your determine your home buying power. We'll connect you with a few trusted, local ones if needed. Give us a ring at (678) 207-1542 for the info. so you too can harness your home purchasing power now and

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Single salary families can buy homes too

As real estate experts who work closely with various mortgage lenders, we see first-hand the struggles some families have working towards buying a family home. But, not all families have dual salaries and so it may be more challenging to purchase a house with only a single income. If that's you, read on for some tips on how you too can buy a home.

Tip # 1: Down Payment Options

Don't let this scare you. Coming up with the money needed to put down on a home purchase might seem impossible. But, there's good news. Homeownership is really an opportunity for everyone because there are a variety of down payment assistance programs that can help you get into a home much more affordably.

For example, the FHA (or Federal Housing Administration) loan is

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