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Posted by The Bell Team - KW on Tuesday, September 10th, 2019 at 3:24pm

Imagine this: You’re ready to sell your home. Maybe your youngest just moved out for college, a great new school opened a couple counties over, or you simply need more space for your dog. You’re pre-approved and already have your eye on the perfect new home. Think you’re all set?

Think again! Pricing your home is the key factor in making sure that home gets sold. Choosing the right price could make or break your move, so here are the major factors that influence how a home gets priced.

Taking Control

There are a lot of factors in your home selling process that you don’t have control over. These include competition, whether we’re in a buyer or seller market, interest rates, and when the right buyer finds your home.

Price is one factor in the home selling process that you have direct control over. Other factors you have control over are your property’s condition, how the home is staged, and when you’re available for showings.

So what does this mean? You should take advantage of what you do have control over in order to overcome the factors you cannot control. By making sure that you're priced well based on market conditions, you can rest assured knowing that you've done everything within your power to make sure your home gets sold.

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Out of control? Think again.


But there are other factors at play if you want to find the perfect price. Among these are market conditions (whether we're in a buyer or a seller's market), local competition, the condition of your home, and more.

Your listing agent's job is to take all of these factors into consideration. Our team has a proven system in place to make sure that your home is priced correctly based on factors that you can and cannot control. If your agent tells you they're going on their "gut feeling," run!

Make sure you check with an agent to find their professional and informed opinion on how you should be pricing your home. They know a thing or two. All the agents on our team are full-time dedicated agents focused on putting you in your dream home ASAP.

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